Digital tools and learning resources in Norway

The Norwegian National Senter for Multicultural Education (NAFO) has developed several digital tools and learning resources targeting newly arrived students. Most of these tools are already translated to Russian, and are now adapted to the Ukrainian language. 

Bildetema is a multilingual interactive picture dictionary, with drawings, text, sound and animations. NAFO (Norway) pans in cooperation with partners from Sweden (språkrådet) Denmark (Nationelt Videncenter for Læsning) and Iceland (ministry) to expand Bildetema to Russian and Ukrainian. See

Lexin are dictionaries developed particularly for language minority students in primary, secondary and adult education. The on line version has sound. NAFO will also make a Lexin dictionary i Ukraine– Norwegian. See

Morsmå is a platform of teaching tools in many languages for mother tongue teachers in kindergartens and schools. NAFO has hired a person to translate the information at morsmå to Ukrainian. (It already exist in Russian) ( the School box) was developed during the last refugee crises in 2015. It gathers teaching material based on the Norwegian curricula in various subjects, in several languages. Its aim is to help teachers teach newly arrived students. NAFO will now expand to both Ukrainian and Russian.

Norway has developed the distance learning offer Flexible education, which is bilingual subject teaching online, in Somali, Tigrinya and Pashto, in the subject’s mathematics and natural science (according to Norwegian curricula). Soon English for beginners will be available too. NAFO is currently trying to engage Ukrainian teachers, and will look into how this tool can be used to teach Ukrainian students online, and f.ex. give mother tongue education and bi-lingual subject teaching in social science. See