France resources for Ukrainian refugees

Dedicated web pages for information of teachers have been created on national and academy websites.
Main goal is then to deliver general information on :
  • schooling,
  • financial aid,
  • support for learning French,
  • contacts in the academy for welcoming pupils,
  • the national freephone number,
  • solidarity actions.
For ex.

o   Reception and schooling of Ukrainian children:

“Welcome to France booklet for displaced persons from Ukraine” (bilingual French/Ukrainian) designed to give Ukrainian nationals the information they need to stay in France
o   Welcoming children arriving from Ukraine and other war zones:

There is a shared vigilance about responding to emergencies and responding as a team of professionals with complementary skills (education, health, psychology) over time when necessary.
Example of topics covered:
– Specificities of a child arriving from a war zone 
– Warning signs and points to watch out for
– What is psychotrauma?
– What framework should be offered to children and young people arriving from a war zone?

Maintaining continuity of learning in Ukrainian: 
National education staff are fully mobilised to ensure that pupils from Ukraine are able to enrol in school quickly and in the most normal conditions possible. 

Resources in french and ukranien langages.
→ Resources are available on this page for students wishing to maintain a link with their language, culture and the Ukrainian school system.
→ Resources are available for all levels offered directly by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine

Mobilisation in the territories: the example of the Nancy-Metz academy (Est of France)

Services for school, secondary school and high school

For school (with AI digital services) :