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Short summary of current (12.4) situation:

During March and April, The Finnish National Agency for Eduction conducted a survey for education providers. From 398 answers, 78 ecec and education providers (mostly municipalities) reported having children and pupils from Ukraine attending education or ecec.

Some children from Ukraine are participating in distance learning arranged by Ukrainian ministry of Education. There is also extensive available digital learning materials that follows Ukrainian curriculum.

Therefore, not all Ukrainian children living currently in Finland are taking part of Finnish school system, these children are mostly from 10 and upwards.

104 education providers reported that they had received applications or registrations for education or early childhood education and care. Primary and lower secondary education is under the greatest pressure but situation changes daily and weekly basis.
At the moment and according to the study, there are
·  49 children in ecec, 180 that have registered but not yet in ecec groups

·  622 pupils in preparatory education to basic education, 1010 registered

55 pupils in basic education and smaller amounts in higher secondary and vocational education

Preparatory education for basic education is intended for all children and young people of immigrant origin in the pre-primary and basic education age who do not yet have the necessary language skills for studying in pre-primary or basic education. Children and young people with an immigrant background who have only recently moved to Finland and were born in Finland can participate in the instruction. Participation in instruction does not require a residence permit.