Italy and Ukrainian emergency

  • 15000 Ukrainian students have been hosted by Italian public schools since war broke in their country.
  • 65% of them are 3 to 13 yo.
  • Secondary school students are being facilitated by having them to access Distance Learning organized by the Ukranian Public School System
  • Teachers and parents are supported locally by local governments and centrally via a portal whose link you can see at the beginning of this post
  • Digital devices are being given in use to Ukranian students, mostly to attend DL, but not only. Parts of the unused funds from the Covid emergency are being used to give devices in use
  • Digital platforms are still free to use for all students
  • Italy’s longstanding tradition of hosting migrant student is an added value to manage the present crisis
  • a particular focus is being given to development of Italian as L2 in order to facilitate Ukranian students integration in the quickest time possible