PAGS (Profile, Assessment and Goal Setting)


Profiling, Assessment and Goal Setting tool, is an online validated digital platform designed for the educators of neurodiverse learners aged 5 to 25, that boosts learning and development. It assesses four areas of development, including communication and interaction, self-regulation, social interaction, and social awareness, as well as cognition and learning and provides relevant targets and strategies that are customised to the learners’ needs.

It caters for both diagnosed and undiagnosed learners, who are for example on the autism spectrum, or have conditions such as ADHD, dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, and global developmental delay. Naturally educators includes parents, teachers and professionals such as Clinical and Educational Psychologists, Educational Consultant, Speech and Language Therapist and Dyslexia assessor.

PAGS® provides transparency from the point of assessment to goal setting and progress recording by giving teachers and those involved in the well-being of the child equal access to the learner’s profile. This means that through PAGS®, everyone has the same understanding of a learner’s abilities and the areas requiring support and development. This alone not only allows everyone to better meet the learner’s needs, but also creates a significant shift in parent-teacher relationships, hence building a positive support network for the learner. PAGS enables parents and teachers to be proactive rather than reactive.

PAGS® specifically recommends that schools make active use of learners’ strengths and their likes and interests to build engagement and an active interest in learning. The other aspect of PAGS® in this context is that it encourages the celebration of small steps of progress. Whereas other systems either leave this step out completely or have a tendency to measure the learner against other learners, PAGS® lets any progress be recognised as a success – the learner is measured against where they were, and therefore their progress is immediate and continuous.

In many countries, PAGS® has already translated quite easily with the move into a new language. By getting experts in their fields to oversee this, we can ensure that the messaging in PAGS® remains constant.

PAGS is a validated tool that supports teachers, learners and professionals by providing them with a much-needed holistic view of both the learner’ strengths and developmental challenges whilst generating provision that caters for the specific needs, allowing for higher quality instruction and better outcomes for the learners.

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