A multilingual educational digital tool for primarily grade 4-9


Binogi is a world leading, comprehensive digital multilingual learning platform for Primary and Secondary Schools levels.

Binogi is designed to facilitate self-studies as well as classroom activities and teaching; as a preparation for class, as an introduction to a new topic, as a group assignment or as a ready-made, customised homework or exam preparation. Conveniently available online, the platform has proven ideal for distance schooling and adaptive to the needs of vulnerable and disadvantaged children without proper access to a stable schooling environment.

The 3-5 minutes animated video-lesson is at the heart of Binogi. Currently, thousands of short video lessons are offered combined in subjects matching national curricula worldwide. The videos are accompanied by interactive quizzes and follow-up opportunities for both teachers and students. A video lesson covers specific topics and sub-topics in all Stem subjects (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Math and Technology). Each video is designed to be long enough to cover the central content, learning objectives and key terms of each topic, while at the same time short enough not to lose the students’ attention or focus. 

The unique Binogi multi-language functionality allows the user to listen and read subtitles simultaneously in a continuously growing number of languages (currently fifteen). The user can switch between any of them while videos are playing.

Quizzes can also be assigned to students by teachers as challenges. The questions are designed to prompt students to think for themselves and stimulate deep learning. Binogi has built-in functionality that enables students to track their performance and achievements in real time. Videos watched, quiz results and overall performance is on display individually. 

Part of the global ambition to make Binogi available to everyone, Binogi is also a smartphone application; increasing accessibility for all. Particularly in developing and emerging markets, the app provides unique possibilities for individual learning and exam preparation through a) off-line access – to circumvent the general connectivity problem – and b) photo-search – photograph a page in any textbook, and Binogi turns around corresponding learning videos.

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