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01.06.2022 is a cross-curricular, interactive story creation platform offering a visual method enabling inclusive and creative programmes for classrooms and homes. It provides educators easy to use strategies and tools enabling immersive and visually inspiring teaching using an appealing framework for child-centred learning that lets children navigate their skills for communication, creativity and collaboration. 

The method extends the skills of those able and less confident children by pushing their imagination and creativity as storytellers while supporting them to find their voice and hone their vocabulary. 

Importantly, Scribeasy reaches children that have been alienated by traditional teaching styles, including those that cannot fully access the curriculum due to neurodivergence, language/communication barriers, trauma or a combination of all three.

Scribeasy meets children (3+ to 16) where they are and allows them to select and interact with images and immersive scenes to create stories and give a window into their inner-thinking and emotional state: a hugely valuable way to unlock the difficult things to say in uncertain times. 

It ignites the visual, creative left-brain thinking even when children don’t feel able to access their rational right-brain thinking due to trauma, anxiety or distress. The storytelling method, personalised within the child’s comfort zone and use of familiar images, allows the child to depersonalise events and process and share their story in a safe, self-led space.

Scribeasy has rich resources: personalised thesaurus, vocabulary reporting, text to speech, writing settings, story playback, 1000s of configurable and diverse images, and use immersive settings that can adapt to any curriculum – such as similes and metaphors in Literacy, scale and positional language in Maths to exploring Science, History and Geography. In addition, Scribeasy offers an all-around enrichment tool with access to wonderful collections and artefacts to spark all imaginations through its growing partnership with museums.

Scribeasy is currently used in schools and libraries and encourages families as storytellers. Based on user numbers and requirements, pricing can be based on the volume of stories or start @ £1+ per year per learner. In addition, it can include creative community workshops and one to one and webinar coaching, starting @ £7 per child.

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